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Our Company

ASETPOR S.AS Asesorías y Servicios Técnicos y Portuarios  was created in 2001, with the objective of offering technical support to maritime and port area in Santa Marta.


Over the time, we have expanded our portfolio to local and national industry, such as civil works, tanks fabrication and piping system, OnShore and OffShore services, Frack- Tanks, silo´s cleaning and maintenance, and metal mechanics industry in general.


Today we count on a trustworthy and professional human team that has grew up with the company thanks to its effort, work and training. We are recognized for our clients as one reliable company.


We are certified by International and National safety companies as Lloyd´s Register, ABS, Bureau Veritas, RUC, BASC, DNV, COFACE that aligns with ISO standards in ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. We are guaranteed by DIMAR for maritime technical support for shipping (Res. 8426) and maritime transport (Res 84- AGMM CP4). We are port operators (Res. 823 Ministerio de Transporte).

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This are the services we offer
  • Manufacture and construction of:

-Tanks, mobile camps, thermal isolation, coal-loading system.

-Maintenance of cement plants, repair and part replacement for silos and loading system.

  • Manufacturing of industrial tanks for stowage.
  • Design, construction and intalation for production facilities such as:
  • Tanks, separating system, pressure boms.
  • Oil pipe, gaspipe and fluid lines.
  • Mud facility and cement facility for offshore projects.
  • Repair and assembly for electric and electronic equipment.
  • Containers maintenance and adaptation for office, rooms, shower, labs.
  • Technical assistance for metal mechanic industry and complementary.
  • Maintenance and repair of:
  • Ships, tugs and all types of naval crafts and mooring systems.
  • Manufacture, maintenance and repair of:

– Fenders, piers, slabs, buoys, mooring system.

-Piping system, wood, piers.

-Loading and unloading systems and port rigging.

  • Diver service and submarine welding.
  • Manufacture and rental of OffShore equipment: Acid tanks, water tanks, drum racks, cargo baskets, containers.
  • Drawing interpretation.
  • Maintenance and repair of river and maritime terminals.
  • Maintenance and repair of port facilities.
  • Manufacture and installation of dredge system.
  • Steel cleaning with sand blasting, wet or water blasting, grit and foam.
  • Conventional painting equipment and airless.
  • Consultancy for surface cleaning and schemes.

ASETPOR SAS, offers logistics support for Onshore and offshore operations:

  • Personnel Supply
  • Certify rent equipment: cargo baskets, acid tanks, water tanks, drum-racks.
  • Material and supply procurement.
  • Port coordination for entry and exit of material while an specific project.
  • Space adaptation.
  • Coordination for good inspection.
  • Warehouse, stowage
  • Vehicles rent.

ASETPOR S.A.S has a variety of own specialized equipment for different kind of work such as:

  • Welding for different process, power plants, compressors, pressure washer, sand blasting, wet blasting and painting.
  • Gas measure equipment and its thickness.
  • Cutting equipment and variety of support tools types.
  • Terrestrial transportation: vans, mini bus, and trucks.
  • Maritime vehicle: Boats and barges.
  • Link-Belt Crane (65 Tons.)
  • Fork- lift- truck.
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Social Responsability

Our commitment active and voluntary with human and social development at the zone where we are is reflected in our actions.

Bringing work opportunities to personal in the area and offering capacitation for their professional development helping to the development in the zone.

We have S&S Foundation that works with 100 children with limited resources with sportive and ludic activities in association with inter of Milan. In the same way, we have a dining room for 80 children in “La Quinina” en Santa Marta.

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ASETPOR S.A.S as a company dedicated to bring consultancy and offering technical and port services, aware of its responsibility of performing quality services, protect the environment and guarantee safe and healthy work conditions to its employees, contractors and subcontractors is compromised to accomplish the interest of the clients, according to the law and national regulations to achieve satisfactorily the objectives; prevent any work accident or anything that could generates a negative impact to the environment or the community in general, and compliance with all current regulations in Colombia about Safety, Quality, Health and Environment as RUC – BASC that align with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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Works performed to some of our customers



Contact Us

For more information, you can contact us through our email or by calling our phones


Parque Industrial Santa Cruz –

Barrio La Concepción Entrada 4.

Santa Marta, Colombia.


Phone:   57(+5) 4308461

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